Our story begins with me, a self proclaimed hard working entrepreneur.

Hi, my name is Bari Samadi, the managing director of WaiLife.

I am an industrial engineer who happened to fall into the health industry in 2012. I have worked extremely hard to get WaiLife distributed across the globe, and so far we are on track.

I used to suffer from severe migraines on a daily basis, and one day I couldn't take it anymore. As I was doing some basic research online, I thought I would put out there on social media about how bad my migraines were. After a few hours, I had an acquaintance who is now a friend posted a comment about this amazing water she had and she would love for me to try it out.

A few days passed and I received some freshly bottled high alkaline water. I was really intrigued and so wanted to see if it would help with my migraines. So I decided that I would try it upon having another migraine. Well my thoughts came true a day later, a painful migraine was creeping, and so I grabbed this high alkaline water and started drinking it. No pain killers and boom, I slowly felt better and the migraine was stopped in its tracks. I was so surprised, and I contacted my acquaintance and started asking questions. I wanted to know more about this amazing water.

After several years of research I felt there was a gap in the market. However I did not just want to be another bottled water company, I wanted to be different. I started looking at what other healthy natural ingredients I could use to enhance the benefits of this high alkaline water. As I was researching I discovered there were so many natural remedies my mum and dad use to talk about all online, however not many had been used or had been forgotten about.
With the help of a food technologist, we started experimenting with several infusions using organic ingredients that are globally recognised for their key health benefits.

In the end, we came up with our three main products: Sparkling Saffron Infused Artesian Water, Sparkling Rose Infused Artesian Water, and Sparkling Pure Natural Artesian Water.

So after all our research and trials, we’ve created WaiLife, “The Future of Water”, in response to the ‘shocking’ water options available in the market, and a more general response to so many unhealthy alternatives.